Ultra Secure Phones

We value secure protect your privacy

Ultra Secure Phone Selection

Select your Ultra Secure Phone that suits you best.


We at X-Systems have developed two ultra secure phones. The X-Crypto and X-Secure Phone. Both secure phones are ultra-highly secured with the highest security protocols and cryptographic algorithms.


Designed to safeguard all on-phone data and wireless communications. Both ultra secure phones have the same functionalities within a different housing.


X-Crypto is a military-grade, secure and hardened phone.

X-Secure is an enterprise-grade, secure and user-friendly phone.

Two Ultra Secure Phones

As each of the X-Crypto and X-Secure phones are designed with different usability + cryptography standards we advise you to choose from the X-Crypto or X-Secure phone.

Both have maximum protection against mobile security threats.


  • The X-Crypto both has cyber security capabilities, and hardware security capabilities.

  • The X-Secure is designed to be protected against cyber security attacks.


Of course the data within these ultra-secure phones is automatically double-encrypted and deleted in the event of a threat.

Depending on the need of your requirements, choose:

Thanks to the built-in real-time intrusion monitoring, all data during an attack will be securely removed. Using a four step “Secure Phone-Data Removal” technology:


1) Encrypt all data with a random generated key

2) Overwrite all (with a random key) encrypted data

3) Encrypt the overwritten data, once again

4) Start user + system data removal


To ensure no data can be recovered in case when one of X-Systems ultra secure phones are stolen. Safeguarding your most valuable data at any cost.