Encrypted Smartphone Security

Two Ultra Secure Phones

We at X-Systems have developed two ultra secure phones. The X-Crypto and X-Secure Phone. Both secure phones are ultra-highly secured with the highest security protocols and cryptographic algorithms.

Designed to safeguard all on-device data and wireless communications. Both ultra-secure phones have the same functionalities within a different housing.

  • X-Crypto is a ruggedized ultra secure and hardened phone.
  • X-Secure is a corporate ultra secure and user-friendly phone.
Two Encrypted phones
Locked Smartphone

Ultra Secure Phone Selection

Depending on the use case, you can choose from the X-Crypto or X-Secure phone. Both have maximum protection against mobile security threats.

Thanks to the built-in real-time intrusion monitoring, all data within these ultra-secure phones is automatically double-encrypted and deleted in the event of a threat.

X-Privacy is used to protect sensitive conversations. Allows the user to enable and disable hardware components such as the microphone.

Full Suite or Whitelabel Secure Phone

The X-Crypto and X-Secure come with a full suite of highly secure communication apps, encased in hardened, tamper-resistant hardware and a multi-layered encrypted operating system. For example, the X-SecureOS uses a hardware-based crypto root-of-trust and blockchain protocol boot process.

To protect the shared user data and end-to-end communication at the highest level in every situation, both ultra secure phones use X-Systems in-house designed encrypted communication solutions.

Are you looking for an ultra secure phone where you take care of the secure apps yourself? That is certainly possible, with the in-house developed X-Updater you can opt for a white label hardened and encrypted operating system.