Military Encrypted Phone

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Military Smartphone
(Mil-Grade Encrypted)

The X-CRYPTO is available as MOTS “Military Crypto Smartphone”, developed to secure user’s critical communications.


The X-CRYPTO Military Phone is a, co-funded by the EU, military grade smartphone. Designed with multi-layered mil-grade encryption. Safeguarding the data-at-rest and data-in-motion on the phone itself.

Encrypted Military Phone + Communication

The X-Crypto military phone enables users to communicate end-to-end encrypted with other X-Crypto users. Each conversation starts with a new encryption-token to ensure each message or call is encrypted in a different manner. Providing encrypted data-in-transit.


If messages or calls are intercepted, it may take years to decrypt one message, and even if one message is decrypted – it takes again years to decrypt the next one.


Of course, VPN is integrated within X-Crypto. The VPN minimises the attack surface. Adding an additional layer of security over the communication. The X-Crypto provides its users the capability to switch between VPN protocols and encryption layers.

Encrypted Military Phone
+ Cryptography

To be protected against both cyber and hardware attacks the X-Crypto military smartphone makes use of a combination of Hardware Keys + Blockchain Cryptography + Encryption Engines + Encrypted OS.


With optional EAL-5+ security modules integrated.


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