Encrypted Phone + Encrypted Communications in ONE

Encrypted Phone + Comms

Encrypted Phone + Communications.
X-Secure Phone + OS

To protect your Sensitive Conversations, Stored Data (Files + Text) at any given moment with Military-Grade Encryption.

Encrypted Phone Stolen?

We Keep Your Phone + Data Secure.

At any physical attempt with or without a wireless connection X-Secure OS automatically double encrypts and erases all data on the Phone.

100% Privacy Phone

With X-Secure - You are 100% in control.
X-Secure Privacy

Safeguarding your Privacy, with Hardware Switches to disable your Comms, Microphone and other components.

Encrypted Phone + Communications

With X-Secure, we provide two-way and multi-way encrypted phone communication and collaboration services that enable users to communicate 100% privately and securely.



We understand that our customers expect the highest level of security anytime, anywhere. That’s why we use Multi-Layered Military-Grade Encrypted Communication to protect all your conversations. This way you can safely conduct your highly sensitive conversations all over the world.


Encrypted Communication

Be in control of your encrypted communications, using quantum-proof cryptography.

Interoperable Communications

Communicate encrypted, globally with your associates and clients from your encrypted phone.

Encrypted Phone & Suite

All-in-one solution. Protecting your most valuable digital assets within the most discrete, user-friendly encrypted phone available.


Anti-Eavesdropping Protection

Within the X-Secure Phone you can enable and disable several hardware components such as the microphone.

Anti-theft Protection

In the event of theft, all data can be double encrypted and deleted remotely or after x-times of no connection.

High Secure Encrypted OS

The security of the X-Secure Phone goes beyond any other. This is thanks to the multi-layered mil-grade encrypted in-house designed X-SecureOS operating system.

Encrypted Phone + Communication

The user-friendly X-Secure Platform, including Encrypted Phone and Communications, are designed to protect all conversations between associates, colleagues, suppliers and clients at any given moment. 

  • Merger & Acquisition (M&A Teams)
  • Ultra High Net Worth Security Teams
  • Ultra High Net Worth Users
  • Wealth Management Firms
  • Financial Service Firms
  • Legal Service Teams
  • Defense Organizations
  • And others

EU Funded & Developed Encrypted Phones + Communications

X-SYSTEMS is trusted and validated by the EU and The Hague (the European city of Peace and Justice). We have received a grant for the further development of both the Military-Grade encrypted phone: X-Crypto and the Commercial-Grade  encrypted smartphone: X-Secure.

The new X-Crypto Military and X-Secure Commercial Encrypted Smartphones are in further development with co-funding from the regional funds of (ERDF) European Fund for Regional Development “Kansen Voor West II” of the European Union.