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X-Secure OS Designed
for IoT Devices

Secure Your Own IoT Devices

Collaboration with X-Sensor
+ X-Secure OS in One

Cyber + Physical Security

X-Secure | High Secure Endpoint

X-SECURE Smartphone + Endpoint

X-Systems introduces the X-Secure, a multi-deployable secure endpoint.

The X-Secure was initially developed as a secure communication platform that can be widely used by its users. The X-Secure is now being developed for use at the highest level.

To ensure that a secure endpoint is actually used, it must be a combination of ease of use and security. X-Systems achieves this with the X-Secure.

X-Sensor @ X-Secure

Thanks to a close collaboration between X-Systems and X-Sensor, the X-Secure is now part of a unique solution. Resulting in the smallest, most flexible and completely stand-alone Secure Suspect Detector & Identifier.


How it works?

Based on mobile wireless characteristics, a suspect can be detected, identified and validated.

With the use of the X-Sensor technology the X-Secure has the ability to alert its users when a wanted suspect is detected and identified. Upon detection, the user can receive a visual verification, fully encrypted within the X-Secure Endpoint.

X-Secure Operations

The X-Secure is one of a kind.

With the use of X-Sensor integrated within the X-Secure it is an unique solution and a must have for every law enforcement and security officer.

The X-Secure is a combination of Global Encrypted Communication and the Validation of Suspects in every possible situation. Delivering better real-time situational awareness and secure operations.

X-Secure ensures your officers have the best possible secure communications and safety solutions at hand, at any given moment.

Interested to learn more about the combined X-Sensor and X-Systems technologies, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Waarom X-Secure Global?

Interested in worldwide secured, anonymous and encrypted communication with the Complete Encrypted X-Secure Smartphone?


Specially designed for the protection of communications during, for example: Mergers & Acquisitions, Special Operations, Business Travel and Missions.

EU Funded & Developed Encrypted Mobile Communications

X-SYSTEMS is trusted and validated by the EU and The Hague (the European city of Peace and Justice). We have received a grant for the further development of both the Military-Grade encrypted phone: X-Crypto and the Commercial-Grade encrypted smartphone: X-Secure.

The new X-Crypto Military and X-Secure Commercial Encrypted Smartphones are in further development with co-funding from the regional funds of (ERDF) European Fund for Regional Development “Kansen Voor West II” of the European Union.