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X-ARMSA Space - Listening Device Detector

Detecting + Catching > Wireless and Cellular Listening Devices in your designated spaces.


  • Every government department and agency requires a 24/7 Listening Device Detector that operates continuously without rest. The worst scenario occurs when a TSCM professional sweeps your Secure or SCIF room only to find listening devices re-deployed within days.

  • Accidentally or otherwise, listening devices might be turned off during a sweep or inadvertently taken away for cleaning. You don’t want to miss spy and listening devices when the lives of good people are at stake.

  • That’s why we created an incredibly affordable Plug & Play Listening Device Detector for Government Departments.

24/7 Plug & Play Listening Device Detector

X-ARMSA Space (an acronym for Automatic Remote Mobile Signal Arrest) is a high-speed, entirely automatic, multi-frequency operational spy listening device detector. 

It enables remote operators to detect and locate wireless and cellular listening devices from their control room in standby mode, active mode, or while transmitting messages or other data.

One Small and Plug & Play Detector Set to protect any Secure and SCIF environment:

  • IMSI + IMEI Catching on 2G GSM
  • IMSI Catching on 4G LTE
  • MAC Catching on WIFI
  • MAC Catching on BLE
  • Signal Analyzing
Automatic Multi Frequency Operational

Automatic Multi Frequency Operational

Specifically designed for deployment within high-security facilities, an X-ARMSA Space Detector Set can be operational within 3 minutes (covert) in any type of space.

Each X-ARMSA Space Detector Set can be remotely personalized, with both frequencies customizable separately. Regardless of the number of Detector Sets, each X-ARMSA Space can be configured separately.

It provides a distinct screen for Safe Speech and SCIF Rooms, displaying a GREEN light when communication is secure. If a mobile device is inadvertently present or an unknown wireless device is detected, the screen will display a RED light. This version operates entirely independently and is inaccessible via the internet.

Remote Listening Device Detection

It operates entirely automatically and remotely, 24/7, making X-ARMSA Space the perfect technology for locating unwanted listening devices in high-security facilities and for remote TSCM tasks.

Whether a cell phone is turned off for 23 hours and 58 minutes, and then turned on for 2 minutes somewhere during the night to send data, doesn’t matter.

X-ARMSA Space works with all BLE, WIFI, 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE), and other frequencies up to 6,000 MHz simultaneously. It scans within three frequencies simultaneously with an operating distance of 150 feet and detects a cell phone within seconds.

The customer can choose whether an operator receives an alarm or performs silent logging.

Listening Device Detector and Actionable Intelligence

Listening Device Detector and Actionable Intelligence

Enhancing intelligence beyond standard signal analysis, the X-ARMSA is not just a signal analyzer but also combines functionalities of 2G IMSI Catcher, 4G IMSI Catcher, BLE MAC Catcher, and WIFI MAC Catcher. Additionally, it detects 5G cellular devices.

The X-ARMSA Space can be expanded with additional Sensor Systems for further intelligence. Contact us to explore all available deployment options.

Interested to learn more, contact us for a live demonstration.