Cell Phone Detector for Prisons

We detect recognize catch unauthorized cell phones

X-ARMSA Guard - Cell Phone Detector for Prisons

Introducing the X-ARMSA Guard, a Cell Phone Detector for Prisons.

With all the capabilities prisons are nowadays looking for.


  • The X-ARMSA Guard is designed to detect and recognize unauthorized cell phones in designated areas.

  • The remote monitorable X-ARMSA Guard provides a user-friendly dashboard that has the ability to monitor dozens of designated spaces such as prison wings or cell blocks.

  • Next to IMSI, IMEI and MAC Catching, it even has the ability to provide the signal strength that allows security operators to rapidly locate the unauthorized cell phone with the use of triangulation.

Plug & Play Phone Detector

The Plug & Play X-ARMSA Guard cell phone detector for prisons has a modular range setting, from 30 feet up to 900 feet. Depending on the in control panel settings and hardware configurations.

This cell phone detector is able to provide the following information at each detection, operational on several frequencies simultaneously:

  • IMSI + IMEI Catching on 2G GSM
  • IMSI Catching on 4G LTE
  • MAC Catching on WIFI
  • MAC Catching on BLE
  • Signal Analyzing

The X-ARMSA Guard even has smart capabilities to catch the IMSI on 4G LTE without being recognized, using Catch and Release.

Remote Operational Cell Phone Detector Advantages

Remote Detection & Control Panel Advantages

Advantages of a remote Cell Phone Detector is that a cell phone can be on flight mode or turned off for 23 hours and 55 minutes, and only once a day operational for 5 minutes. No matter if this is the case the X-ARMSA Cell Phone Detector has the ability to detect these unauthorized phones.

Another advantage is that with the combination of several technologies, your security operators also are aware unauthorized phone calls and messages are transmitted. In the mean-time collecting the IMSI and other valuable intelligence.

Automated Cell Phone Detector for Prison System

The X-ARMSA Guard (Automated Remote Mobile Signal Arrest) is a high-speed entirely automatic multi-spectrum operational cell phone detector. Allowing remote operators to detect and locate cell phones remotely from their control room in both standby mode, active mode, and while transmitting messages or other data.

It has the ability to operate Passive, Active and in combination: Hybrid. Whereby it detects unauthorized cell phones using an IMSI LTE Catcher, IMSI GSM Catcher, BLE MAC Catcher, WIFI MAC Catcher, and Signal Strength Analyzer – all in one.

Additionally, with the capability of black and whitelisting devices remotely. Everything from one user-friendly remote operable Control Panel.

Cell Phone Detector for Prisons Demo Kit: Passive, Active and Hybrid

Unauthorized Cell Phone Detection Demo Kit

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We’ve got you covered. We offer several Cell Phone Detector for Prisons Demo Kits tailored to your needs. Choose from our Passive, Active, or Hybrid Demo Kits based on your requirements. Each kit is designed to showcase the capabilities of our cell phone detection technology, allowing you to experience its effectiveness firsthand.