Detection of Listening Devices
for Corporates

Automatically Detect Discover Recognize Catch Unwanted Listening Devices

X-ARMSA Space - Listening Devices Detector

Cell Phones & Listening Devices Detector for Corporates: Introducing the X-ARMSA Space.


The X-ARMSA Space is a cutting-edge detector for unauthorized cell phones and hidden listening devices. In addition to identifying listening devices, it also detects their use in designated areas, providing all the capabilities modern corporates require.

Designed to safeguard sensitive conversations in boardrooms, meeting areas, office spaces, and clean rooms.

Automated Detection of Listening Devices

The X-ARMSA Space boasts a remote monitorable system with a user-friendly dashboard, capable of monitoring multiple designated spaces including boardrooms, meeting areas, offices, and clean rooms. It provides real-time signal strength for swift detection of unauthorized cell phones and listening devices.

X-ARMSA is a fully automated and remotely monitorable TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures) technology. It eliminates the need for periodic manual debugging or bug sweeps, which typically involve extended manual labor methods to detect potential illegal surveillance against an individual or organization.

X-ARMSA operates 365 x 24/7.

Plug & Play Design with Modular Range

Plug & Play Design with Modular Range

This Plug & Play Detection of Listening Devices and Unauthorized Cell Phones Technology offers modular range settings, adjustable from 30 feet up to 900 feet, based on control panel settings and hardware configurations.

Each boardroom, meeting area, secure office, and clean room can be better protected against potential eavesdropping via listening devices within just one day of operation.

Operating 24/7, 365 days a year, on multiple frequencies simultaneously, the X-ARMSA Space can provide the following information:

– IMSI + IMEI Catching on 2G GSM
– IMSI Catching on 4G LTE
– MAC Catching on WIFI
– MAC Catching on BLE
– Signal Analysis

Advantages of Remote Listening Device Detection

With remote monitoring, you don’t have to worry about listening devices that are in sleep mode or turned off during TSCM sweeps. The X-ARMSA Space ensures continuous surveillance, collecting IMSI and other valuable security insights, providing awareness of unauthorized data transfers.

The advantage of a remote Cell Phone and Listening Device Detector is that a hidden cell phone, camera bug, or listening device can be in sleep mode or turned off for 23 hours and 55 minutes, and operational for only 5 minutes each day. Regardless of this, X-ARMSA has the ability to detect these unauthorized devices.

Another advantage is that, with the combination of several technologies, your security operators are also made aware of unauthorized phone calls and messages being transmitted, while simultaneously collecting IMSI and other actionable intelligence.

Detection of Listening Devices Detector

Listening Devices Detector: Passive, Active, Hybrid

The X-ARMSA Space (Automated Remote Mobile Signal Arrest) is a high-speed, fully automatic, multi-spectrum operational cell phone detector. It allows remote operators to detect and locate cell phones from their control room in standby mode, active mode, and while transmitting messages or other data.

It has the ability to operate in Passive, Active, and Hybrid modes. In Hybrid mode, it detects unauthorized cell phones using an IMSI LTE Catcher, IMSI GSM Catcher, BLE MAC Catcher, WIFI MAC Catcher, and Signal Strength Analyzer – all in one.

Additionally, it has the capability of remotely blacklisting and whitelisting devices, all managed from one user-friendly remote-operable Control Panel.

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