Encrypted Smartphone: X-Secure

Corporate Encrypted Phone

The X-Secure Encrypted Smartphone is designed to protect corporate decision makers, policy makers and frequent travelers around the world. The discreet, unobtrusive, highly secured encrypted X-Secure smartphone protects its users against a wide variety of mobile security threats.

Because this encrypted smartphone uses crypto keys stored in hardware, it is tamper-resistant from the moment of startup. By combining these and other layers of security, this user-friendly X-Secure is the most secure and user-friendly encrypted smartphone available today.

Optionally, the X-Secure can be expanded with an EAL-5+ tamper-proof hardware secure element. Contact us for the possibilities of the X-Secure Encrypted Smartphone.

Blockchain Encrypted Smartphone

The built-in X-Secure OS uses blockchain principle in which each phase is validated for integrity before moving on to the next phase, thereby guaranteeing the integrity of the hardware and software components.

During operation and during standby, the integrity of the operating system is constantly checked. In the event of an anomaly or attack, an automatic double encryption and deletion of all data and communication is immediately initiated.

As you would expect from X-Systems, several other tamper detections are present and it uses an entire AES-256 disk encryption with several encrypted AES-256 partitions to provide several additional layers of security.

Encrypted Communications

Be in control of your encrypted communications, using quantum-proof P2P Edge technology & cryptography.

Interoperable Communications

Communicate encrypted, globally with your associates, staff and clients from your encrypted phone to other devices.

Encrypted Phone & Encrypted Suite

All-in-one solution. Protecting your most valuable digital asset, your sensitive information and communications.

X-Secure - Encrypted Smart Phones

Anti-Eavesdropping Protection

Within the X-Secure Phone you can enable and disable several hardware components such as the microphone.

Hyper Sensitive & Anti-theft Protection

In the event of theft, all data can be double encrypted and deleted remotely or after x-times of no connection.

Multi-Layered High Secure Encrypted OS

The security of the X-Secure Phone goes beyond any other. This is thanks to the multi-layered mil-grade encrypted in-house built X-SecureOS operating system.

You Are In Control

We understand that during extended sessions, almost everyone opts for the benefits of a smartphone over security, for example for reading and replying to emails and messages. Which is the reason, inside the X-Secure smartphone you can disable the microphone.

The X-Secure puts you in control of your encrypted smartphone, allowing you to manually disable a particular component or set of components on the go.

Because we know that regular flight mode is simply not safe enough. Does the X-Secure smartphone have the ability to disable all wireless connectivity and protect the user from tracking, triangulation and spying with one simple click.

With the implementation of X-Privacy you have full control over the hardware and it is possible to enable and disable components such as the microphone on the hardware layer.

All in One / Whitelabel Encrypted Smartphone

You can choose from the full set of services from X-Systems for a high level of security, combining communication, data transfer and device management with the X-Secure encrypted smartphone.

If you are a secure communication provider yourself, you may only want to use the encrypted smartphone and encrypted operating system.

Both are possible. Please contact us to discuss all options.