Encrypted Smartphone

We value secure protect your privacy

Encrypted Smartphone:

The X-Secure Encrypted Smartphone is designed to protect c-level decision makers, policy makers and frequent travellers. The discreet encrypted smartphone: X-Secure protects its users against a wide variety of cyber security threats.


As you may expect from X-Systems the security of this encrypted smartphone is beyond standards. It makes use of hardware crypto keys, optionally even a EAL-5+ crypto module key, and various blockchain encryption verifications throughout the boot (startup) of the smartphone.

Tamper Proof Encrypted Smartphone

The X-Secure has a tamper-proof architecture from the moment of startup. By combining these and other layers of encryption throughout the smartphone, this user-friendly X-Secure is the most secure and user-friendly encrypted smartphone available today.


For example, the X-SecureOS uses a hardware-based crypto root-of-trust and blockchain protocol from the moment the smartphone starts up to the moment the encrypted communication apps are loaded.

Encrypted Communications + Smartphone in One

The X-Secure encrypted smartphone comes with a full suite of encrypted communication apps, encased in hardened, tamper-resistant hardware and a multi-layered encrypted operating system. Ensuring your communications are always triple times secured.


To protect the shared user data and end-to-end communication at the highest level in every situation, both ultra secure phones use X-Systems in-house designed encrypted communication solutions.