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Additional Security Product: X IMSI Catcher

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IMSI Catcher

Thanks to X-Systems’ knowledge of Encrypted Phones and Encrypted Communications, we were requested to develop an user-friendly Plug & Play  Privacy-By-Design IMSI Catcher that only detects the IMSI of a Phone without interception.

With the X IMSI Catcher only the phone related IMEI + IMSI + RSSI + RSRQ + RSRP + other attributes are retrieved.

IMSI Catcher

The X IMSI Catcher is designed in such a way that it cannot perform interception. In this way, organizations can still increase security within an environment without compromising privacy.


Why no interception? Because when the X IMSI Catcher is used for safety or security purposes, identifying a smartphone is sufficient.

Encrypted Military Phone
+ Cryptography

The X IMSI Catcher has been developed in such a way that it can operate stand-alone. This way it is not necessary to block (jam) frequencies or to downgrade frequencies with other equipment. That is not necessary with the X IMSI Catcher.


On the other hand, the X IMSI Catcher works completely stand-alone and can be placed anywhere Fixed + Portable and detect all wireless devices (smartphones, cell phones, smart wearables, headsets, vehicles, infotainment, e-calling systems, GPS trackers, etc.) within the spectrums:

5G Ready – 4G LTE – EDGE – GSM

IMSI Catcher > Unique + Highly Affordable

The X IMSI Catcher has been developed in such a way that it can be offered for a very low price, a full Plug & Play version is already available from only $ 19,900.


Two X IMSI Catcher models are available:


  • Frequency Hopping, which automatically scans within a spectrum per frequency on mobile phones. With an operating distance of 5 to 100 meters.

  • Multi Frequency, which scans all frequencies within a spectrum simultaneously and identifies mobile phones within seconds.

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You will be truly amazed about all the X IMSI Catcher’s (remote manageable) features and capabilities.