Introducing the new: X-Secure Smartphone

New in development: X-Secure Smartphone

X-Systems is currently in development of a new version of the X-Secure Smartphone. Which makes use of military and governmental grade security, available for enterprises.

The new and upcoming X-Secure Smartphone is in development for those who require sophisticated security and privacy.

The X-Secure smartphone is powered by the “X-SECURE-OS” architecture, which is designed especially for this secure smartphone. Contact the sales team for detailed information.

Beyond the best secured smartphones

The X-Secure smartphone is available for restricted and confidential enterprise security.

The dual-sim encrypted; X-Secure Smartphone is developed with full encryption from power on, with the focus on security and privacy and simplified intuitive user settings. The X-Secure Smartphone is designed to provide a very high level of security, the whole smartphone was created to protect your privacy.

User-friendly high secure smartphone

The ultra secrecy smartphone is developed for securing communications and data on your smartphone. Providing high-level Privacy, Security and Anonymity throughout the entire smartphone. Using controlled communication ports, strong authentication, secured infrastructure and end-to-end encryption.

With the X-Secure Smartphone you have NO ACCESS to unauthorized third-party applications. This smartphone contains only secure and encrypted end-to-end programs and comes with several Military Grade and high-level end-to-end encrypted Data, Voice and Messaging programs for secure communications.