Why an Encrypted Phone?

Targeting Sensitive Information

You can assume that hired hackers are fully motivated and will do everything they can to gain access to your strategic or IP sensitive information.

Their intent, through attacks and infiltration, is to keep access to your sensitive information for as long as possible.

Due to increasing budgets, they are also better equipped. As a result, enterprise-grade mobile protection or lower is no longer sufficient.

locked Phone secure

Vulnerable Regular Phones

As you may know our smartphone is perhaps one of the most important pieces of electronic equipment we own today. Our smartphones are rarely out of arms-reach.

The problem with our regular smartphones is that the operating system, like most computer operating systems, has (accidentally or intentionally) security breaches in it. This allows experienced hackers with suspicious intentions to access data on our regular smartphone remotely.

Mobile security is therefore of great importance.
To prevent you from being tapped both digitally and physically.

How Vulnerable Are You?

How vulnerable are you if competition or opponents gain access to your sensitive information?

What (side) effects does this have on your organization?

  • International image damage
  • Lose trust of locals or customers
  • Customers and suppliers liability
  • Loss of your international competitive position
  • Possible claims from your financiers