X-CRYPTO Secure Communication

Zero Data Access, Crypto Communications

The X-CRYPTO smartphone gives you the ability to truly communicate securely, end-to-end without a server in the middle that might be the weak link. Making use of the Edge Computing principle, using Peer to Peer connection protocols.


Allowing a end-to-end, zero server data crypto communications between two or more devices.


The crypto communications app allows the user to communicate using encrypted audio and video, one-on-one up to six participants in one encrypted call.

peer to peer
Closed group communication

Interoperable crypto communication

Where most end-to-end secure communication solutions are only designed to operate in a closed environment, this crypto communication is available as:


– Closed Group Communications
– Interoperabele Communications


Whether you communicate with your colleagues using the X-CRYPTO platform, or have a call with persons around the globe. They can all communicate with each other securely.