X-Crypto Phone: Operating System

X-Crypto & X-Secure OS

The X-CRYPTO Phone in combination with X-Crypto OS protects its users against outside tampering or eavesdropping of data.

While regular secure phones are vulnerable for network and root attacks whereby attackers enable components in the background to track and eavesdrop on the user. The X-Crypto Phone has the option to disable components on the hardware layer to ensure your physical conversations stay save in any situation.

Note, the X-Secure makes use of X-Secure OS

(Operating System).

X-Crypto OS Security

While other secure operating systems have the security to wipe the user data during brute force attacks. Which are on average a factory reset and scientifically recoverable.

The X-Crypto Phone protects its user data by the secure wipe: everything is scrambled and deleted. The phone will not even boot up afterwards. This means that the data is secured against falling into the wrong hands, or any hands for that matter.

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