X-CRYPTO Smartphone Security

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Tamper Proof Security : X-CRYPTO

So the X-CRYPTO smartphone is protected against any outside tampering or copying of data. But what about other avenues of attack?

Did you know that with a normal Android operating system, even if you have turned off the services such as Cellular, WIFI, Bluetooth, Camera, Microphone and others there are programs which can turn those services back on without any indication that they are on?

As a matter of fact, even turned off they can still be broadcasting information?

More secure than the Airplane mode

The smartphone’s Airplane mode is a good example. You may think it is silent but you would be very wrong.

The X-CRYPTO operating system gives you the ability to really turn those services off. Completely and totally. No other program will be able to turn them on even if they tried.

Crypto Military Smartphone
Crypto Military Smartphone

Security against eavesdropping

It makes Airplane mode like paper tiger. How is it possible? You may think.

Optimal smartphone security: X-DEVICE

Well because the X-CRYPTO is a customised Android operating system, it can control the hardware devices at the lowest level, a level that Android programs cannot reach. So when the cellular hardware is turned off on X-CRYPTO you can be sure it is well and truly disabled.

This feature is called “X-DEVICE”, which is a low-level hardware device (components) manager. Of course, to keep this feature very user-friendly, we designed the X-DEVICE to be operational as an app. Click on a component icon to disable the selected hardware device (components).

Combining security with the ease of use.

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