X-Crypto's encrypted partition

Beyond Mil-Grade Protection

Sometimes just having special encryption is not enough. Sometimes a special place is needed to secure highly sensitive data.

The X-CRYPTO operating system has a special hidden partition. With the hidden partition deactivated, an attacker would never even know it was there because it’s not a special encrypted file. This feature called “X-CRYPT” makes it possible to activate and deactivate a (hidden) partition.

When X-CRYPT is activated the partition becomes visible, and all the apps and data located in this partition are shown to the user.

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Hidden documents

Hidden Crypto Partition Tech

When the X-CRYPT is deactivated, the apps and data do not show up in the phone’s hardware information.

When X-CRYPT is deactivated the partition is hidden (invisible), all the data is encrypted as a blob. All the apps and data inside this partition is invisible for the attacker.

Yet, when it is activated, it functions as extra space on the X-Crypto Phone (of course, this is accessed) below the level which Operating Systems programs can reach. This encrypted partition can then be used to house programs that may not wish to be seen in normal mode and/or sensitive data to be kept hidden from daily usage.