Encrypted Mobile Communications

Encrypted X-Communications

Private and encrypted communication solutions are a must have for every organization that works with sensitive information.

X-Communications safeguards users and organizations against the risk of eavesdropping, tampering interceptions or cyber espionage.

Key communications
Globaly Centralized chat

Centralized & Decentralized Communications

Designed for professionals relying on anonymous and encrypted communications, the X-Communications is available both Centralized and Decentralized.

Encrypted Centralized Communications

All communications are encrypted, using perfect forward and backward secrecy whereby every session is encrypted individually, increasing the confidentiality and integrity of every message and call. Hosted from one trusted, monitored and managed environment.

Decentralized Encrypted Communications

Each isolated decentralized network operates autonomously.

X-Communication users can simply connect manually to a decentralized network to communicate completely encrypted, independently, privately and securely.

With the objective to safeguard anonymous communities separately with decentralized networks without a single point of failure, with the advantage that the users are in control of their network./p>

Decentralized communication