Tactical MANET

Tactical MANET

The tactical MANET is specially developed for armed forces and first responders who demand require local cryptographically secure communication during bio-terrorism threats or highly confidential missions. It empowers armed forces with highest level of professionalism and cutting-edge tactical advantages, and offers everything tactical units require. It’s engineered on a military level with optimised functionalities which improve critical communications, coordination, interoperability and reliable performance in emergency situations. The tactical MANET can be used for rapid response in critical situations. With the tactical MANTET a battalion is able to communicate directly and monitor live activity. The tactical MANET operates within a 4G network, local LAN structure or on radio frequencies (as a mobile Ad Hoc networking system) without the need for an existing network architecture. It operates completely independently.

X-Systems benefits :

Tactical mobility
Connected to the internet or in a local setting

Tactical deployment
Ideal for internal communication at missions

Perfect for the non-technical forces
Easy setup and extremely user-friendly

Fast Response