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Most Secure Operating System

Android works with an open source code, which means malware is significantly more typical. Contrasted with Apple and Windows, it is significantly simpler to submit and get your application acknowledged into the Google Play Store. There are lower accommodation expenses, no human testing your application and no checks in the event that you are a genuine business. Google created Google Bouncer, a malware scanner, to watch over and filter applications accessible in the Google Play Store; however organizations were as yet fatigued of the Android OS.

Another security hazard with smartphones is that clients don’t refresh their OSes as regularly as PCs. Refreshing telephone programming requires adequate memory and battery power, and clients are frequently running low on both. Each time a product refresh is deferred on a smartphone, a cybercriminal has a chance to adventure security vulnerabilities in the working framework.


In and outs about a Secure OS

Android had the favorable position that, generally, the core of Android is open-source so it was significantly less demanding to incorporate our working framework from the source code only how we would have preferred, without exceptional consents or licenses. Android is in a way not secured as secure as iOS or Blackberry.

Yet, this means Android is less secure than other versatile working framework. Regarding security activity, Android has a more of inherent security highlights.
Bolt your telephone with a secret key or unique mark location. At any rate, in the event that you leave your telephone on the counter at Starbucks or if it’s stolen out of your pocket, cybercriminals should get past that first entryway. Set the time on your secret word bolt to be short also—30 seconds or less ought to cut it.


Comparison between different OS

Set up remote wipe. On the off chance that your telephone is lost or stolen, you’ll have the capacity to wipe the greater part of its information remotely (and in this manner keep it out of the hands of crooks). You can regularly likewise utilize remote wipe to discover your telephone’s area.
Google engineers have contended that the malware and infection risk on Android is being misrepresented by security organizations for business reasons, and have blamed the security business for playing on fears to offer infection insurance programming to users. Google keeps up that hazardous malware is quite rare, and an overview directed by F-Secure demonstrated that exclusive 0.5% of Android malware detailed had originated from the Google Play store.

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