Always travel safely with X-SECURE GLOBAL.


We live in a time when digital intrusion is more effective and profitable than investing years in technology.

The reason why international criminals and powers invest so much in spyware and malware is that in a successful attack, an attacker has long-term and unobtrusive access to a digital device.

Inconspicuous Attacks

Attackers connect to your smartphone via so-called “rogue cell towers”. Once connected, spyware or malware is installed.


Once the spyware or malware is installed on your smartphone, attackers gain permanent access to your private conversations and company sensitive information.

Not to mention unobtrusive backdoor access to your wireless home and business network. Where they will quietly settle in and gain access to all sensitive information.

Ultra Secure Mobile Phones

Hence, X-SYSTEMS introduces the X-SECURE GLOBAL.


A total package with ultra secure mobile phones, tablets and more to be securely digitally accessible at any given moment during your business trips or trade missions.

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