Encrypted X-Secure OS

Encrypted + Secure OS

X-Systems designed a complete package of Secure OS Features which can be integrated into any Arm-based operating system. With the objective of making every smart device: smartphone, detector, sensor and wearable more securely without years of development.


The X-Secure OS is part of the X-Secure and X-Crypto development co-funded by Kansen Voor West. The X-Secure OS is integrated as a demonstrator and as a usable secure operating system as standard within the X-Secure Smartphones.

X-Secure OS Features

The X-Secure OS consists of the following features:


  • X-Comms: Encrypted Communication
  • X-Network: Encrypted Data Transmission
  • X-Crypt: Encrypted (hidden) Partition
  • X-Crypto: Custom Cryptography + AES Engine
  • X-Device: Enabling / Disabling hardware modules
  • X-Updater: Remote OS, Programs + App updater

X-Secure OS + X-Crypto OS

The X-Secure OS is integrated within the X-Secure Smartphones and is available semi off the shelf for various IoT devices.


The X-Crypto OS is a completely custom available operating system, we will realize the X-Crypto OS completely on the requirements of the customer. This with the highest hardware and software protection available.

Interested in integrating the X-Secure OS or X-Crypto OS within your IoT devices?

Please contact us for more information.