PBIC Core + X-Secure

The PBIC IMSI Detector has been developed to contribute to a more secure society, taking into account the lowest possible scanning footprint and social privacy issues during a detection. With the objective of a socially friendly IMSI Detection solution for the purpose of detecting suspects and keeping society safe.


By applying the Security Technology of X-Secure, we also ensure that only the operator (remote) can view the detections in real-time.

More information about the PBIC Core technology can be found on our partner website: X-Sensor.

PBIC Core > Native 4G LTE IMSI Detector

The new PBIC Core is the “core” of the PBIC Native 4G LTE IMSI Detector.


By offering the PBIC Core separately, we enable customers to put together their own IMSI Detector. This increases scalability, flexibility and reduces costs.

The advantages of the PBIC is its small size and close proximity detection:

  • Advantage of small size: The PBIC can be processed at an entrance, handbag or backpack.
  • Advantage close proximity: It detects very accurately, for minimal noise, with a selectable range between 3 to 40 meters

PBIC Core (Secure) Technology

The PBIC Core as a native 4G LTE IMSI Detector is fully configurable remotely. From settings, provider settings, antenna settings, updates, management, results and correlations.


To secure the collected detections on the PBIC Core Processor, and to protect the connection between the Backend Server and Processor, the X-Secure OS + Encryption technology is used.

Would you like to know more about the new “PBIC Core” technology which uses the X-Systems “X-Secure OS + Encryption technology” please contact our partner X-Sensor.