Designed for Enterprises: X-Secure Smartphone

X-Secure Smartphone

Digital threats are increasing day by day. Enterprises and vital infrastructures are an attractive target of digital espionage.

By eavesdropping on sensitive on insufficient protected connections, criminals, activists and terrorists gain knowledge of your systems, policies and strategies.

Which is why for the decision makers, crypto investors and service engineers we have designed the X-Secure Smartphone. An user-friendly high secure smartphone for those who require zero data tracking, espionage or tapering. Who require the highest level of security and usability.

Private X-Secure Smartphone

Regularly, the risk of espionage during physical meetings where sensitive topics are discussed is too high to keep a mobile phone around. Nearly everyone chooses the communicative benefits of the smartphone over security.

Which is why we developed X-Privacy. With X-Privacy the user can enable / disable hardware components such as a Microphone, Camera, Bluetooth, WiFi etc. Safeguarding you against eavesdropping. Available on both the X-Secure & X-Crypto Phones.

Encrypted X-Secure Smartphone

It is considered to be normal now a days that cyber criminals, hacker groups or intelligence services have access to regular mobile devices. Which is why we designed the user-friendly X-Secure.

Travel with the highest level of data protection using mil-grade encrypted hidden partitions and encrypted storage programs. Without any doubt, the X-Secure has state-of-the-art security techniques to protect user data at all times.

The X-Secure also protects data in transfer against commercial hackers who constantly try to obtain sensitive information for economic gain and try to influence long-term policies or strategies. Which is why we designed “Multi-Chain Level Encryption” to secure your ‘truly end-to-end’ multi-participants P2P (Peer to Peer) audio and video calls.