Government Grade: X-Crypto Smartphone

X-Crypto Smartphone

Delivering restricted up to confidential level of end-to-end secure and crypto communications.

With the X-Crypto Phone both the smartphone, data and communications are highly encrypted and true 360° secured. No connections to third-party applications.

The X-Crypto Phone enables the user to be truly secure, private and anonymous while using end-to-end encrypted communications.

Cutting Edge Crypto Smartphone

The X-Crypto makes use of the mil-grade enhanced crypto and private X-CryptOS operating system whereby the X-Crypto smartphone is fully encrypted from power on. Thanks to the dual-sim capability users can switch between public and private networks.

The X-Crypto enables the user to use your smartphone restricted up to confidential level communications. It protects its users against eavesdropping and data tampering.

Designed as the most user-friendly and encrypted and secured smartphone available.

Extended Security Features

The X-Crypto comes with the high secure, hardened and custom encrypted X-CryptOS Operating System without any commercial backdoors. Providing optimum security and protection.

Including the distinctive and unparalleled X-Privacy. With X-Privacy a user can physically disable one or multiple selected components on their smartphone to increase the level of personal privacy.

Additionally the X-Crypto comes with an ultra-secure and encrypted mobile data storage program, hidden encrypted partition and other security tools.