More Privacy by Disabling Components

Disable Components on the Hardware Layer

X-Privacy is designed for ultimate privacy of its users.
With X-Privacy the user has full control over the components on an IoT or mobile device.

All functionalities within a mobile device can normally infringe the privacy of the user. However, with X-Privacy– The user is in control, decide which components and functionalities to turn on or off.

X-Privacy is the ultimate IoT & Mobile Privacy tech available. Allowing the user to disable / enable components physically, by just one click.

Physically disable components

Since X-Privacy is linked to the software drivers which establishes a connection between the hardware components and the operating system of the mobile device, X-Privacy can monitor and manage the drivers, giving the user the ability to switch them on or off at any desired moment.

Whenever required, operate entirely off the grid by turning on the X-Privacy.

Remote IoT & Mobile Privacy

Optionally, it is possible to remotely manage the X-Privacy.

By delivering Over-The-Air (wireless) option to remotely manage functions of a mobile device. For this to work, the X-Privacy is combined to the X-MDM.

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