Maximize your physical security with
preventive detection technology.

Cyber Physical Security by Phone Detection

Ready-to-use & Custom-build
Mil-Grade Encrypted Phones

Encrypted & Secure

Quantum Proof Encrypted
Secure Communication.

Encrypted & Secure

Preventive Cyber-Physical Security

By using the remote control and monitoring “Unauthorized Intruders Detection” technology, it can detect unauthorized persons and eavesdropping devices within the wireless and cellular spectrum.

Are there rooms where you want to make sure no one has their smartphone with them, or do you want to know who has been in a room without having usable footage.

X-Systems – Detection Technology can help you with this.

Preventive Encrypted Communication

X-Systems has developed an interoperable highly secured encrypted communication platform that allows users to communicate from an encrypted phone with other devices (PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphones).

For internal communication between X-Systems encrypted phones, there are two types of encrypted communication solutions available: High-security + Ultra-secure communication.

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Encrypted Smartphone + Communication

The use of encrypted communication is important, the use of encrypted communication within an encrypted smartphone is recommended.

Today everything is recorded and stored by a multitude of apps where you have often unknowingly given access to your microphone.

Read more about this total solution.

EU Funded & Developed Encrypted Smartphone

X-SYSTEMS is trusted and validated by the EU and The Hague (the European city of Peace and Justice). We have received a grant for the further development of both the Military-Grade encrypted phone: X-Crypto and the Commercial-Grade encrypted smartphone: X-Secure.

The new X-Crypto Military and X-Secure Commercial Encrypted Smartphones are in further development with co-funding from the regional funds of (ERDF) European Fund for Regional Development “Kansen Voor West II” of the European Union.