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For businesses, enterprises, organizations and governments, X-Systems has developed the X-CRYPTO 9900.

Based upon the X-Secure OS operating system, this smartphone has been evolved to a true crypto smartphone with the looks of a regular high-end 5+ inch smartphone.

Traditional smartphones are exposed to economic espionage, malware and interception which do not meet the standards of individuals that handle important or sensitive information.

The X-CRYPTO 9900 do meets all secure and encrypted requirements.

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X-CRYPTO 9900 prevents eavesdropping and substantially reduces vulnerability to malicious applications and tampering by providing four classifications of the X-CRYPTO 9900, allowing to choose the level of security and usability of the smartphone. Together with you our specialist can help you to choose the right level of security.

X-Crypto 9900 is the world’s first dual-sim crypto smartphone for more modularity, productivity and global connectivity with 4G, 3G and 2G global connections.


Standard available with Mill-Grade encryptions and security. X-Systems has extensive experience in the area of high level security communication solutions.

Available in three classifications;
X-Secure 9900 | X-Crypto 9900 | GOTS 9900

Let us help you to make the right choice.

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