EU Co-Funded Developments

EU Co-Funded Developments

New in development: X-Secure Smartphone

The development of the new X-CRYPTO 7500 Military Grade Crypto Smartphone is made possible with support from the regional funds of “Kansen Voor West II” (ERDF) European Fund for Regional Development of the European Union.


The X-CRYPTO 7500 Military Grade Crypto Smartphone is currently in development in The Hague, the Netherlands by X-SYSTEMS and their trusted partners. Due to Covid-19 we are slightly delayed, we estimate the upcoming year to demonstrate the first prototype.

best secured smartphones

Beyond the best secured smartphones

The new X-Crypto military crypto smarthone is designed to provide software- and hardware protection in order to resist targeted and cyber attacks from any source. The new X-Crypto 7500 will be the optimum military handset and (end-to-) end-point for secure communications for any type of operation.


The X-Crypto 7500 comes with mil-grade end-to-end encryption and secure communications to professionals handling high-level sensitive and classified information.