Encrypted Smartphone Security

Two encrypted smartphones

X-Systems has developed two encrypted smartphones with the highest security protocols and cryptographic algorithms, designed to shield data and communications tailored for c-level, decision-makers, defense authorities and government officials at critical situations in society.

Experienced in special developments of secure and encrypted smartphones with the highest regard to client confidentiality.

Encrypted Smartphone Experience

Both of the encrypted smartphones of X-Systems are built upon various layers of complex security protocols and cryptographic algorithms.

Also, both smartphones physically and digitally secured against side-channel and brute-force attacks. By the use of a built-in detection and response threat detector. To prevent attackers from gaining unauthorized access to any of the multi-layered encrypted spaces.

Depending on the need of your requirements, choose:

Hardware Smartphone Security

Both the X-Crypto and X-Secure smartphone give you as the user the ability to communicate securely using end-to-end encryption. It also allows you to disable hardware on the phone. To ensure that in addition to digital you also have physical protection against eavesdropping.

Thanks to various state-of-the-art features throughout these encrypted devices you are able to entirely operate tamper proof in any situation.

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