Encrypted Mobile OS / Mobile OS Security

Encrypted Mobile OS

Just because you don’t see cyber attacks at the OS-level or below doesn’t mean that they are not there.

Hacker groups constantly try with rootkits (malicious software) to gain access below the operating system using numerous backdoors, drive-by downloads and application based vulnerabilities. Attackers search for vulnerabilities all the time and the programs they develop are becoming more sophisticated every day.

We know the threats are out there. We believe no attack is ever uncoordinated. You don’t want to learn about it when it is too late. You need a proactive approach. Which is the reason X-Systems encrypted smartphones have control over all layers of the encrypted operating system.

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X-Crypto OS

Mobile OS Security

We believe in an all-in-one Mobile Security: providing encrypted smartphones which have been designed to mitigate risk during any high-risk situation.

Each of the X-Secure and X-Crypto Phones make use of a hardened operating system using an enhanced full disk encryption while protecting the phone against remote, physical, network, side-channel, brute-force and other attacks.

During the detection of a threat or due to a remote emergency request, all user data is securely removed from the phone and becomes unrecoverable.

Blockchain Encrypted OS

The initial bootloader’s integrity is verified by a crypto-key, with the protection that if the signature is not verified, the process does not proceed.

The secure boot verifies cryptographically the various stages of the executable boot process, similar to Blockchain Security. With the protection that if any of the cryptographic hashes are not verified, the process does not proceed.

Prevention is a part of the overall protection. A side of the enhanced full disk encryption. A built-in Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) security monitor constantly inspects the core of the OS Kernel. Delivering a tamper-proof security.

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