Encrypted Communications: Audio & Video Chat

High Secure Encrypted Communications

High secure encrypted communications beyond other existing secure audio and video communication solutions.

Developed for the moments when regular secure communication solutions do not meet the high security requirements.

Whether you are in negotiations, in a takeover process or supervise significantly sensitive projects, you want to be sure that everything that is discussed is never stored or leaked somewhere.

X-Systems offers various encrypted communication solutions so that you can communicate highly secured at any time and for any situation.

P2P Interoperable Encrypted Communications

Do you really want to be sure that your video meetings are end-to-end secured?

You can make use the highly secured P2P (Peer to Peer, device to device) encrypted communication of SecureTeaming. On this interoperable high secure communication platform all conversations are encrypted from device to device, without using a data server. In short, we deliver the highest possible security and privacy without any storage or access of data.

Organize meetings as if you are in the real world, no matter what operating system or browser. Secure Teaming delivers comprehensive security for any type of meeting.

Do you want to know more? Ask for our SecureTeaming brochure.

P2P Mobile Encrypted Communications

Do you often travel and have the feeling that you are being eavesdropped?

We have developed the X-Teaming solution especially for you. A true end-to-end (P2P, Peer to Peer) encrypted mobile audio, video and chat communication application based on post-quantum cryptography. Also interoperable with the SecureTeaming application.

No central communication data servers are involved. When an attempted interference is detected, the connection is automatically terminated and a new encrypted connection must be established. A unique key exchange is realized with every new connection.

Do you want to know more? Ask for our X-Teaming brochure.

Encrypted Chat Messenger

Are you looking for a solution that allows you to send messages and make calls securely with post-quantum encryption?

X-Stealth has been developed with several layers of security and where the encryption takes place only within the user’s environment and only the communicating parties have access to the encrypted content using one-time encryption keys.

As a result, access by third parties, including access by SecureTeaming employees, is impossible. Perfect Forward Secrecy integrated, making the X-Stealth encrypted-by-default.