Encrypted Communication: Calls & Messenger

Encrypted Calls & Messenger Communication

When you are in the need of encrypted communications. X-SECURE TEAMING, is the solution.

Providing two types of encrypted communications:
– Privacy-compliant Encrypted Communications
– Crypto Restricted Encrypted Communications

Built upon Need to Know – Security By Design principles.

Interoperable Encrypted Communications

Direct peer-to-peer and end-to-end encrypted between the end users. Without the use of a storage server. Delivering zero-data-access security & anonymity.

Encrypted Phone to Web-browser communication. Your participants can easily participate in a meeting in a web browser, without any program installations. Your contacts can easily join, schedule or start a private meeting in any browser.

While you are communicating securely and anonymously from your encrypted phone.

Closed Group Communications

Only participants who are explicitly invited within a “secure closed group” are able to attend an encrypted (group) call. Ensuring only trusted contacts can participate your encrypted call.

It is possible to participate in several “closed groups” with one account. A trusted group owner can invite, verify, remove and manage (anonymous) users per “closed group” easily.

Encrypted Communication + Messenger

The X-COMMS is available for Video Calls – Voice Calls – Text Messaging. Build upon P2P technology. The messenger makes use of X3DH cryptography, providing secret key exchanges, forward secrecy and cryptographic deniability.

To keep the performance as high as possible, with as little latency as possible, we have chosen for the messenger and calling technology 256-bit AES end-to-end data-in-transfer encryption.

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