Government Public Safety

X-Sensor Public Safety

Keep society safe using digital wireless fingerprints.


X-Systems has developed a technology to passively detect mobile devices.

This passive technology constantly and automatically inspects the wireless spectrum resulting in the reception of Baseband IDs without obtaining further privacy-sensitive data. Operationally available with an approved Privacy Impact Assessment.

High grade Security
Secured smarthphone

X-Sensor Mobile Detection

On-site specialists are notified when a suspicious mobile device is detected. Which can be extended with notifications when an unwanted or wanted ID is detected.


To protect privacy as much as possible, the Baseband IDs are not visible to the on-site specialists, they only receive a verification. At the control room, ID correlations can be performed to, for example, perform search and rescue.

Contact the sales department for the different use cases.

How it works?

The plug & play portable technology “X-Sensor” passively collects wireless cellular and network handshakes from the open wireless spectrum with virtually no effect on connectivity.


Thanks to a passive way of detection, no communication or personal information is intercepted. X-Sensor passively detects, monitors and collects data from all nearby GSM, LTE and Wi-Fi devices, in real time.

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