Best Encrypted Phone OS

Encrypted Operating System

X-Systems has developed the most user-friendly and best encrypted phone operating system. We took the development of the Phone OS very serieus because what you don’t see doesn’t mean that it isn’t there: network and operating system attacks.

Hacker groups from all over the world are constantly trying to gain access to an operating system through network attacks or installed app store apps. Wherever you travel to as an important person, you are always a target.

With the encrypted OS of X-Systems you are are always protected, at any given time.

Multi-Layered Encrypted OS

To ensure we provide the best encrypted OS the operating system has various security mechanisms built-in. It detects tampering by hardware, software and network. It blocks recordings during sensitive conversations because the microphone and other hardware components can be turned off, so that the user does not have to worry about conversations being overheard.

To prevent backdoors or exploits in the code, the encrypted OS has been specially developed for X-Systems encrypted phones.

Using a completely proprietary encrypted OS, full disk encryption is provided, ensuring the phones are fully protected against all types of physical, network, side-channel, brute-force and other attacks.

Blockchain driven Encrypted OS

The integrity of the bootloader is verified by a crypto key, with the protection that if the signature is not verified, the process will not proceed.

The secure boot cryptographically verifies the different stages of the executable boot process, similar to Blockchain security. With the protection that if one of the cryptographic hashes is not verified, the process will not proceed.

In addition, the built-in Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) security monitor continuously inspects the core of the encrypted OS kernel.